Scott Meade

Software Developer

Co-founder of Synap Software, LLC
consultancy and software firm.
A productivity junky doer.
smeade on GitHub.
Not on social.


Much of my professional time is spent building FluoroFinder, the leading fluorescence experiment design platform. We're accelerating research in cancer and other fields in thousands of research facilities worldwide. How cool is that?

I also created PlaybookIQ, a CRM for small business. Launched in 2006, our CRM is one the longest running CRM platforms.

To support the community, we run Bid for Education, an auction fundraising platform for non-profits. Over $100,000 has been raised for schools and community organizations through this free platform!

And finally, I've recently rediscovered the joy of mentoring new developers and leading them onto software projects. The software development world is full of intersting, interested, hard-working, self-directed people from all walks of life and world-views.


I am fortunate to have spent 30+ years (and counting) as a professional software builder. However, I also try to spend as little time as possible coding. Focussed and productive work habits free up plenty of time for other things.

When not coding you'll find me: hiking, traveling, enjoying family and friends, running, cooking, reading, and working on home projects.

I also enjoy writing. Many of my notes were in paper notebooks. In part of an effort to minimize the cognitive load of maintaining physical items, those notebooks have been digitized and destroyed.

I have a Masters of Applied Science in Computer Science from the University of Denver and a business degree from Illinois Wesleyan University. I think I am a life-long and self-directed learner. Recently I have been working on consuming less information and doing more stuff.