I am the co-founder of Synap Software, an Elixir Phoenix and Ruby on Rails consultancy and software company. I am a family man, certified diver, private pilot, hiker, reader, and productivity junky. I have a Masters of Applied Science in CS from the University of Denver. @smeade on Twitter and am not on Facebook.

“There are two locales in a pitcher’s universe – on the mound and off the mound. When a pitcher is on the mound he should be thinking about only two things, …

In March I formed three habits with the intention of improving productivity and mindfulness. These form a foundation for the building of new habits in April.

There was a time where Rails conventions were more closely followed. Here is a gentle reminder of some of the well-known and accepted benefits of staying on the rails of convention.

We finished! After 48 hours of design and programming (with plenty of breaks for sleep, Rachel’s soccer game, and general visiting), may we introduce vlnteer.com.

Low-Fidelity Pencil Wireframes Wireframing is a common and time-tested tool to hash out app details. While working through our “team Phaser Beam” app idea we have found wireframing to be useful. Yet for hackathon efforts such as Rails Rumble, this planning step is often…

We have a Team! Last year my entire family participated in the Rails Rumble. We built a garage sale app called MayMySales and had a fun time doing it! In 2008 (“BidBuildBill”) and 2009 (“AffiliApp”), I entered solo. Having a team is much more fun than going solo for 48 hours. So, in the spirit of […]