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I am the co-founder of Synap Software, an Elixir Phoenix and Ruby on Rails consultancy and software company. I am a family man, certified diver, private pilot, hiker, reader, and productivity junky. I have a Masters of Applied Science in CS from the University of Denver. @smeade on Twitter and am not on Facebook.

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We finished! After 48 hours of design and programming (with plenty of breaks for sleep, Rachel’s soccer game, and general visiting), may we introduce

Rails Rumble 2013: “Phaser Beam” Wireframing

Low-Fidelity Pencil Wireframes Wireframing is a common and time-tested tool to hash out app details. While working through our “team Phaser Beam” app idea we have found wireframing to be useful. Yet for hackathon efforts such as Rails Rumble, this planning step is often…


Karen started us off with a Halloween breakfast! Rachel and a friend chose their costumes together. After sitting out last year, Jonathan did go trick-or-treating this year with other kids in his class […]

Eugene Kim’s Eagle Ceremony

Today, we attended Eugene Kim’s Eagle ceremony at Cherokee Ranch. Jonathan was Eugene’s “Project Buddy” or PB on the project. Eugene’s project was to plan, build, transport, and install benches […]


Saw the idea of weeknotes mentioned in Hacker News and thought it sounds like a great idea. Small weekly journal entries might be good balance between lofty expectations of something interesting to say daily and the desire to keep a history of my life. A weeknote calculator. A couple corporate examples:

The Ember.js Todos Demo Application: app.js Part 2

The previous post walked through most of app.js.  In this post we look at the remaining pieces of this core code. Extend Ember.TextField Control Ember provides hooks into common html controls, including buttons, check boxes, text fields,  select lists, and text areas.  The Todos app has one text field.  This control binds to the insertNewLine function.  insertNewLine […]