Making of a Web App: Part 9 – Why I Hope No One Reads My Use Cases

Making of a Web App is Synap Software’s step-by-step look at designing and developing a web app. In this article I share why, despite best attempts by the anti-paperwork crowd, I like written use cases. Use cases: Contribute directly to the final, deployed app. Expose risks to simplicity. Expose the level of development work required. … Continue reading Making of a Web App: Part 9 – Why I Hope No One Reads My Use Cases

Manage Leads automates lead management and lets you implement lead followup best practices to convert more leads and free your up more of your time. This system was born from discussions with small business owners who often spend a fortune on lead acquisition only lose the lead information or fail to effectively followup on it due … Continue reading Manage Leads

The Rails Edge Denver

Tomorrow I will be attending the Day 1 of The Rails Edge series presented by the good folks at Pragmatic Studio. Choice of Language and Framework Our company is solidly behind web applications as the future of software delivery, especially as Internet connectivity becomes ubiquitous. We are also commited to Ruby on Rails as our … Continue reading The Rails Edge Denver

Ruby for Rails Book

Ruby for Rails is a must have for Ruby on Rails developers. While you could develop Rails applications without understanding Ruby, to do would completely miss out on the reasons Rails was created in Ruby. Ruby is a powerful and enjoyable language. For those of you that do not know of David Black, here is … Continue reading Ruby for Rails Book