"There are two locales in a pitcher’s universe – on the mound and off the mound. When a pitcher is on the mound he should be thinking about only two things, …

Rails Rumble!

For Rails Rumble 2012 we made Here’s the About Us that the kids wrote: “Made in 2012 by a team of four people (and their special forces monkeys), MapMySales was originally designed as an entry for [...]

The Ember.js Todos Demo Application

Ember is "a JavaScript framework for creating ambitious web applications that eliminates boilerplate and provides a standard application architecture."  Said another way, it's a framework which takes the typical tedium and spaghetti-code out of jQuery-heavy apps.  Ember is especially strong at keeping DOM elements in sync with each other and in sync with underlying data. … Continue reading The Ember.js Todos Demo Application