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Simplify 7 – Don’t Commute

Today I drove to work. To drive to work is seemingly un-remarkable except that every other day my commute consists of walking down the stairs to my office, pictured here. Today the CEO was in town so I drove […]

Simplify 6 – Downsize

This weekend our family spent four days at Estes Park YMCA in a cabin which was all of about 560 square feet. Though it was five or six times smaller than our house, it seemed just the right size. The two giant […]

Simplify 5 – Unplug

Tomorrow we’re taking a long weekend, going to Estes Park YMCA and staying at a small cabin. We always enjoy our time there and are never lacking for fun things to do. Yet one thing I am looking forward […]

“There are two ways to get enough.

One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.” – G.K. Chesterton

Simplify 4 – Decide Quickly

Today Southwest Airlines* launched a 40% off sale. What an opportunity for an affordable get-away for us! Total time from seeing the sale to 1.) deciding when to go, 2.) deciding where to go, 3.) deciding where to […]

Getting Rid of Stuff is Not Simplifying

Elimination is the clearest path to simplification. Less is more, and all that. Yet elimination does not equal simplification. For example, some of the most fun things in life may be free, but they are also more fun […]

Simplify 3 – Clothes

Today I flipped all hanging clothes so that the hanger hook points backwards. Then at the end of this year, any item with the hanger is flipped are ones which I did not wear during the preceding three months.