LessConf: Derek Sivers – Profit Models

Like a lot of other people, I read Derek Siver’s blog and Twitter feed (@sivers).  I find him to be a highly interesting guy and the best living example of following one’s passions. As you can tell from the notes below, this is the LessConf presentation that I got the most from.  Here are some notes of his […]

LessConf: David Hauser – Chocolate covered grasshoppers – Branding and empowering entrepreneurs to succeed

Next up here at LessConf, David Hauser (@dh), CTO of Grasshopper.com on Branding. David founded Grasshopper.com, described as a quality product with “really ball-sy advertising”.  Grasshopper is beyond the startup stage, about 50 people.  First, David showed this great video. How? The “core values” most companies have are BS.  Of course you want people with […]

Lessconf: Colin Devroe, How to measure success

Second up at LessConf, Colin Devroe of Viddler on “How to measure success”.   Colin kicked off his talk with a demonstration of Eating Lighting (you’ll have to ask him). Common Pitfalls and Solutions Pitfall #1: Don’t make unfair comparisons. Comparing yourself to others leads only to following.  You end up becoming just another choice. […]

AffiliApp Wins ‘Ready To Earn’

I’m excited to announce that AffilApp has been awarded the exhibition category “Ready to Earn” prize in the RailsRumble.  This exhibition category prize is sponsored by and the winner is selected by Spreedly.  It recognizes the entry that has a clear business model, an application that offers real value, and a working Spreedly integration Full […]

AffiliaApp Screencast #3 – Revenue and Commissions

Showing revenue and commission tracking in AffiliApp.com. When you set up your Spreedly API token in AffiliApp, transactions are automatically identified and applied to the referring affiliate. This works even with automated recurring transactions. If you do not use Spreedly, you can still track referrals and subscribers and they too will be associated with the […]

Rails Rumble

2009 Rails Rumble Reflections Note: if you are looking for the screen casts, you can find them here: http://screenr.com/user/smeade That 48 hours went fast!  After producing BidBuildBill.com last year and finishing a respectful #22 on the leaderboard, I aimed this year’s entry at web application developers with AffiliApp, the easiest way to add an affiliate program to […]

Ready to Rumble

The Kitchen Sink When you try to build this: photo credit: avidtile you too often end up with this: photo credit: DieselDemon when this would have been just great: photo credit: Mr. T in DC It should be as quick and simple as possible for judges to get to the core of your app. Stick […]