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“There are two locales in a pitcher’s universe – on the mound and off the mound. When a pitcher is on the mound he should be thinking about only two things, …

Three New Productivity Habits

In March I formed three habits with the intention of improving productivity and mindfulness. These form a foundation for the building of new habits in April.

In Praise of Rails REST, MVC and Conventions

There was a time where Rails conventions were more closely followed. Here is a gentle reminder of some of the well-known and accepted benefits of staying on the rails of convention.

Perfect is the Enemy of Progress (so Jump In!)

A lack of information and a fear that the perfect choice is not available are two roadblocks to action. If you wait for perfect information or the “perfect” option, you will never take action. So, instead of waiting for […]

A sustainable pace

Instead of spending a year searching for a block of 200 hours to work on a project, invest thirty to sixty minutes each day on it. After a year you will be surprised how the small blocks of time add up to hundreds of hours or productive, quality work.

3 Reasons to Make Decisions Faster

Whether choosing which car to buy, which job to take, who to date, or which sandwich to order; there is no shortage of endless information and data that you could consume, tabulate, study and otherwise obsess over. Fear of making the wrong choice prevents us from acting on a decision. So one reason we gather […]

Notes on a Time Management Plan