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Life 1 – Be Bold

“Bold prayers honor God, and God honors bold prayers. God isn’t offended by your biggest dreams or boldest prayers. He is offended by anything less. If your prayers aren’t impossible to you, they are insulting to God.”

Perfect is the Enemy of Progress (so Jump In!)

A lack of information and a fear that the perfect choice is not available are two roadblocks to action. If you wait for perfect information or the “perfect” option, you will never take action. So, instead of waiting for […]

Put Down You iPhone and Let’s Talk

What ever happened to a genuine, head’s up, eyes forward, open hand outward, “happy-to-see you!” greeting and conversation? Today my son and I watched a documentary of TED 2006. The TED conferences are full of interesting, smart, connected people. But, watching the attendees, that’s not what caught my attention. No, instead what struck me was […]

Produce more. Consume less.

In Praise of Newspapers

If only there were a news source that: – Were vetted and had a reputation to uphold. – Did not interrupt me or throw my day into disarray. – Has no flashing ads, pop-up ads, un-intentional sounds. – Provided a daily digest of local, national, and world events. – Did not lead oneself to seek […]