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Today was a banner day as a parent. We went to honor roll assembly for Jonathan this morning (4.0!). In the evening we went to a band concert where R played both the flute in beginning band and the snare drum […]

“I Voted”

You have no idea what an amazing thing it is to have a vote. And even more rare is to have a nation and leaders that respects the vote of the people and allows for smooth transitions in offices of power. […]

Dad and R Day

Today J is still at scout campout and K is at her brother’s. R was supposed to have a soccer game, but it was canceled due to this week’s snowfall has left the fields still too wet. So, we slept in late, goofed off, went to the new dollar store, and took Zanna for a […]

Dad and R Night

With J at a scout campout and K down at her brother’s house, it was just R and me tonight. We just relaxed, watched some Matlock and Murder She Wrote. She’s fun to hang out with.

First Snow

Today we woke up to this season’s first snowfall. It started last evening which, of course, got the kids’ hopes up for a snow day. R did a snow dance, flushed an ice cube, put a spoon under her pillow […]