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Three New Productivity Habits

In March I formed three habits with the intention of improving productivity and mindfulness. These form a foundation for the building of new habits in April.

Goals 1 – One Board at a Time

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been building a deck. This is a massively strong structure sitting nine feet off the ground. We dug three-foot deep caissons upon which sit 6×6 posts. Notched into those posts, 4×10 […]

LessConf: Derek Sivers – Profit Models

Like a lot of other people, I read Derek Siver’s blog and Twitter feed (@sivers).  I find him to be a highly interesting guy and the best living example of following one’s passions. As you can tell from the notes below, this is the LessConf presentation that I got the most from.  Here are some notes of his […]

What Rails Rumble and TechStars Have in Common (besides @andrewhyde)

With Rails Rumble 2009 coming up this weekend, I’ve been thinking about why I like the competition and why it’s so rewarding and productive.  In thinking through the attraction of the Rumble, I realized there is similarity to the recently wrapped Boulder TechStars session and other events in which smart developers participate (like Startup Weekend, […]

The Power of Paucity

My nephew moved to town. Most every physical thing he owns fit into the rental truck that he drove from Wisconsin, where he just graduated college, to Colorado, where he’s starting out the next phase of his life. Yesterday, we unloaded the truck into his new apartment. He has no job, no debt, and no […]