In his Outside online article We’ve Reached Peak Wellness. Most of It Is Nonsense., Brad Stulberg perfectly sums up the basics of wellness as supported by current research. 

Looking at the six dimensions of wellbeing: physical, emotional, social, cognitive, spiritual, and environmental, Stulberg identifies a couple key points and behaviors for each which research shows can improve our health, well-being and lifespan. Follow the findings summarized in the article and you’ll have covered 80+% of what we humans should do to help keep ourselves well.

Having too many apps, tools, books, podcasts, videos, conferences, talks and processes leads to too much effort spent selecting tools, planning, procrastinating and pre-optimizing instead of doing. This is true for wellness and also most other areas of modern life including business, religion, learning, hobbies…

So yes, it is perhaps paradoxical to have copied quotes from the article into a checklist. However it is at least an actionable checklist. Here is a printable pdf of actionable quotes from the article. Follow Stulberg’s research-backed advice and you’re on your way.

Actionable and printable pdf of quotes from  “We've Reached Peak Wellness. Most of It Is Nonsense".