Simplify 7 – Don’t Commute

Today I drove to work. To drive to work is seemingly un-remarkable except that every other day my commute consists of walking down the stairs to my office, pictured here.

Today the CEO was in town so I drove ninety minutes each way to my employer’s offices to meet, hear strategy, and have lunch.

It was a good day. It was good to meet team mates in person. But I did not enjoy the drive.

I don’t mind a good drive. I enjoy driving the curves of mountain roads and the straight, sunlit pavement of rural counties. But driving to and from work is something I cannot recommend. The benefits of a no-commute job are many.

Save Time
The average daily commute time in the United States is almost 50 minutes. At 22 work-days per month that’s over 18 hours commuting. That’s 220 hours a year, which is over a month of work days. Think about it. What could you do with an extra work-month in a year, every year? Or even better, what could you do with an extra month off each year?

Save Money
For the last five years, we have been a one-car family. Compared to the norm of two, or even three-cars – we have at least one less insurance payment, set of mechanics’ bills, car payment, and gas tank to fill. Even if you have multiple cars, you can save hundreds of dollars a month in gas and wear-and-tear by keeping it at home when you work.

Save the Earth
Whether by car, bus, or train; the further and longer your commute, the more it pollutes.

Save Your Sanity
Maybe the search for more simplicity and less stress is my mid-life crisis. Whatever it is, I’ve become convinced that there is no amount of money, prestige, or other worldly reward worth purposefully adding stress to your life. Life’s too short and the days too few to have any one of them stained by stress.

Shorten or eliminate your commute to save time, save money, save the environment, and save your sanity. I, for one, expect to always work at home or in a place to where I can walk or ride my bike.

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