RubyConf 2012: Matz’s Keynote, “Reinventhing Wheels of Future”

I had a great time at RubyConf 2012. Matz kicked it off with a good, short talk on the importance of being happy. His speaker deck is online. Here are some of my notes from that talk.

– big crowd and warm welcome
– “I’m a happy programmer.”
– the language design affects the programmer’s thoughts
– the lang. designer sort of programs the programmer’s mind

– as a high schooler had no internet, computer, so just wrote down language design ideas in a notebook

– Ruby a re-invention of the wheel?
– Some criticized him for spending all the energy and attention on Ruby when Perl was just fine.
– Limited resources / waste of time to create ruby when perl already exists?
– “Indeed we have limited resources. Only 7 billion people on Earth.” 🙂

– What’s your motivation? To build website, have fun, money?
– “My motivation is love toward programming languages.”
– and one’s motivation is not to be put down.

– Go ahead if you’re motivated. Even if it might waste your time, but it’s okay if it goes toward your motivation, for example fun. You’ll have a fun time even if it re-invents or fails.

– What if we force people to focus on Perl? “Big brother”
– Diversity is the cost of innovation.
– We try. again. again. until we make innovation. It has costs, but is a good thing.

“The world if full of room for improvement. Go fix them.”
“Code, make it happen.”
“Reinvent the wheel. Better wheels.”

– Feb. 24, 1993 – named “Ruby” so is considered the birthdate.
was personal project, expected less than 100 users
far exceed expectations

– Feb 24, 2013 – Ruby 2.0 for “20th”… finally

– Summary:
“Be happy”
“Reinvent wheels”
“Fix shoestrings”

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