Goals 1 – One Board at a Time

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been building a deck. This is a massively strong structure sitting nine feet off the ground. We dug three-foot deep caissons upon which sit 6×6 posts. Notched into those posts, 4×10 beams. We installed seventeen 2×10 joists atop those beams. All told – there are hundreds of screws and nails. There is a lot that went into this deck.

So much so, that if one looks back and tries to recall driving each screw, cutting each board, lifting each beam; you are overloaded with the details of the task. Yet, each detail had to get completed for the job to get done. So, with so much to do, how do deck’s ever get built? One board at a time.

When you have a giant task ahead of you, don’t let the enormity nor the minutia of the project prevent you from getting started. Take just one small step on it today. Then, one small step tomorrow. Eventually, you’ll see progress which will motivate you to keep moving on it. Eventually, it will get done and you’ll look back with pride and remember the development of your creation, one board at a time.

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