Simplify 4 – Decide Quickly

Today Southwest Airlines* launched a 40% off sale. What an opportunity for an affordable get-away for us! Total time from seeing the sale to 1.) deciding when to go, 2.) deciding where to go, 3.) deciding where to stay, and 4.) booking it all – less than one hour. The fear of tickets selling out motivated us to move quickly. And it feels great. Deciding and acting quickly simplified what could have been a complex and distracting operation of trip planning.

Uncertainty is created when decisions are left pending. Uncertainty is the enemy of simplicity. Uncertainty creates a mental distraction. It creates friction in making future decisions because you have to consider the possible but unknown impacts between your current decision and pending decisions. And finally, uncertainty creates stress.

Making quick decisions and taking action on them reduces uncertainty, reduces distraction, and reduces stress. Make it a habit and I think you’ll find life simpler.

* Southwest is my preferred airline. I fly them largely because of their simplicity in booking, seating, and fees. But, that’s for a different post.

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