Simplify 2 – Books

Today I listed most of my computer and business books for sale on Amazon or placed them into a “donate” pile. The donations will go to the library. Books I kept include Bibles, books which were gifts from the kids, a couple small paperbacks which I enjoy re-reading and are very portable (think camp reading), and books on outdoor activities (14ers, trails, etc.). Those may eventually go as well. But for now, this is a good start. I plan to put the money from these books toward an iPad which will become my library.

Note that at the same time as I listed my books for sale, we bought a short stack of books from the school’s book fair. A home with kids should have books. I believe physical books help kids learn, imagine, unplug.

Just be wise about what each book is for. Technical and business books are not usually the kind you cuddle up with on a comfy chair or bask with in the sun. Electronic books can usually be more (or at least “as-“) efficiently stored, read, and searched than their physical counterparts. Take advantage of the electronic convenience for books you read purely for information. Consider print copies of books you read for enjoyment, escape, and relaxation.

Choose wisely between both print and electronic versions of books. You’ll find life simpler with a well curated collection of physical books.

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