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In Praise of Newspapers

If only there were a news source that: – Were vetted and had a reputation to uphold. – Did not interrupt me or throw my day into disarray. – Has no flashing ads, pop-up ads, un-intentional sounds. – Provided a daily digest of local, national, and world events. – Did not lead oneself to seek […]

“For Developers”

How do you know when a web-app is targeted at developers? 1. When the API takes front-and center. Take a look at  You’ll find no screenshots on the front page.  One of the first things you will find is working API code snippets and a link to their API docs. 2. When they boldly declare it. […]

The Ember.js Todos Demo Application: app.js Part 2

The previous post walked through most of app.js.  In this post we look at the remaining pieces of this core code. Extend Ember.TextField Control Ember provides hooks into common html controls, including buttons, check boxes, text fields,  select lists, and text areas.  The Todos app has one text field.  This control binds to the insertNewLine function.  insertNewLine […]

The Ember.js Todos Demo Application: app.js

In the last post, we looked at the Ember demo app, Todos.  We got it installed on our local development environment and had fun creating, completing, and deleting todos. In the next few posts I’d like to walk through the code.  We’ll start with app/lib/app.js. The Ember app comes to life via instantiating Ember.Application, extending […]

The Ember.js Todos Demo Application

Ember is “a JavaScript framework for creating ambitious web applications that eliminates boilerplate and provides a standard application architecture.”  Said another way, it’s a framework which takes the typical tedium and spaghetti-code out of jQuery-heavy apps.  Ember is especially strong at keeping DOM elements in sync with each other and in sync with underlying data. […]