3 Reasons to Make Decisions Faster

tj scenes

Whether choosing which car to buy, which job to take, who to date, or which sandwich to order; there is no shortage of endless information and data that you could consume, tabulate, study and otherwise obsess over. Fear of making the wrong choice prevents us from acting on a decision. So one reason we gather and consider all the data we can accumulate is to have re-assurance that our decision was “sound” and “smart”, even if the results turns out less satisfactory than we expected.

Using the deep-data and indecision combo to buttress the fear bad decisions is bogus. Here’s why you are better off making decisions quickly.

1. Reduce stress.

Pending decisions get thrown into your mental bucket with to-do lists, goals, chores, and worries. A great way to battle feelings of being overwhelmed and disorganized is to reduce and simplify the amount of stuff you are juggling. One easy way to reduce: eliminate pending decisions. Make them and move on.

Not only will you be less stressed, but so will people that are awaiting your decision.

2. Reduce uncertainty. Increase value.

Certainty is a major component of value. Don’t know if that car is going to start every morning? It’s less valuable than a reliable car with certainty. Don’t know if hurricanes will hit during an October cruise? It’s less valuable than a February cruise when the weather is more certain.

It’s the same with people. Every pending decision on your plate has introduced uncertainty thereby reducing your value. Your “I don’t know yet” is less valuable than a “No” or a “Yes”, than an “A” or “B”. Whether the answer is yes or no, A or B, you can instantly increase your value by making those decisions now.

3. Learn quickly.

You only learn what really works by doing it. Learn faster then the other guys in business and you have a competitive advantage. Learn faster in life and you’re able to fit more into life.

Got any decisions on your plate?

(photo credit: tj scenes)