A Time Management Plan and System

The Problem

According to Techcrunch, Twitter, CNN, Facebook and other major and reliable sources, we are “never not working”. We don’t take vacations. Lunch breaks are a thing of the past. Everyone’s out of shape because no one is playing.  No one is sleeping.  Everyone has trouble focussing at work because of lack of sleep and the guilt of not playing enough.  That’s what they say.

The Solution

In response, a multi-million-dollar time management industry has sprung up.  I think I found a solution to all these problems and so am breaking into that industry today.  Introducing my Time Management Plan and System.
24 Hours

The Plan

0. Divide the day into three parts: “sleep”, “work”, and “play”.

The System

1. When it is time to sleep, sleep soundly.

2. When it is time to work, work with focus.

3. When it is time to play, play with passion.

Too Revolutionary?
I have heard that there was a time when some innovative and daring people lived their lives like this. From what I hear those experimenters were quite successful, productive, profitable, and happy. But it seems all of their lessons learned and productivity gains made were lost to a new generation that has a strong bias against such a radical idea.

What do you think?  Is this too crazy?  Too difficult?  Too late?

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