LessConf: David Hauser – Chocolate covered grasshoppers – Branding and empowering entrepreneurs to succeed

Next up here at LessConf, David Hauser (@dh), CTO of Grasshopper.com on Branding. David founded Grasshopper.com, described as a quality product with “really ball-sy advertising”.  Grasshopper is beyond the startup stage, about 50 people.  First, David showed this great video. How? The “core values” most companies have are BS.  Of course you want people with […]

Lessconf: Colin Devroe, How to measure success

Second up at LessConf, Colin Devroe of Viddler on “How to measure success”.   Colin kicked off his talk with a demonstration of Eating Lighting (you’ll have to ask him). Common Pitfalls and Solutions Pitfall #1: Don’t make unfair comparisons. Comparing yourself to others leads only to following.  You end up becoming just another choice. […]

LessConf: Eoghan McGabe and Des Traynor of Contrast.ie

How to be Awesome! Up first at Lessconf, Eoghan McGabe and Des Traynor of Contrast.ie on “How to be awesome!”.  Starting off with a few words of introduction about the Irish slang, culture, and myths as lead-in to conventions. Conventions Are agreement of ways of doing things.  Formed from personal experience.  Formed via survival of […]