The Rails Rumble Finalist!

The Rails Rumble finalists have been announced.  These 22 applications have been selected by the Rails Rumble organizers and an expert panel from among 159 qualifying and will continue onto the public voting round.  Unfortunately, AffiliApp was not one of the finalist. But that does not mean the end for it.  This is just the beginning!  Read on.

High Quality Apps

The overall performance and quality of Rails Rumble 2009 apps is a leap forward from those in 2008.  2008 say some good apps.  2009 saw a few great apps and I’d say over 100 very well done apps.  Teams were prepared this year like never before.  And that’s great to see.

Calling all Voters!

The Rails Rumble is now onto the Public Voting stage.  This phase of Rails Rumble voting goes on only until 8/29, so please sign up today and take a look through some of this year’s best apps.  Anyone can sign up and vote. The sign up form is here: and the list of apps to vote on is here:

What’s next for AffiliApp?

I have been working this week on continued development of AffiliApp.  Initial response from the community has been more than I could have imagined. Already several folks have contacted me asking to use the product to set up referral programs for their apps.  Discussions with these folks have provided valuable feedback to direct the next steps of development.

Based on requests and feedback from judges and potential customers, I am currently working on the API and a gem.  We will use the API and gem in our own products (including first to shake them out.  Once I have given them a good real-life work out ourselves, I will document the API and open source the gem.  This development will make it as simple as possible for web app developers to set up an affiliate program to promote traffic to their product.


I simply have to put in another hearty recommendation for Spreedly as a billing platform for web app developers.  Their API is at once powerful and simple.  I used it extensively in the development of AffiliApp as a way to quickly demonstrate that payment transactions would be credited to the correct affiliate.  I also use Spreedly as the billing platform for AffiliApp, the place for my subscribers to pay.  For this, you can either present their white-labeled subscription forms to your subscribers or make Spreedly completely transparent via the API (with the API, of course, you’d be responsible for basic security measures like utilizing SSL and ensuring no sensitive data is logged, etc.).

To follow developments, please subscribe to this blog or follow @smeade and @affiliapp.


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