What’s the Big Idea?

I’m continuing the walk through Getting Real, the very unofficial guide to Rails Rumble development. The Rumble is a natural fit for the tenants of chapter 2, The Starting Line, and chapter 3, Stay Lean.  I will Build Less, Fund Myself, Fix Time and Budget while Flexing Scope, and Embrace Constraints.  The rules and structure of the Rumble practically require it.  In the previous post I answered additional Getting Real questions from these chapters.  I identified my problem and came face-to-face with the enemy. To recap:

What’s My Problem / Challenge?

To bring more traffic to our sales team CRM product, PlaybookIQ.

Who’s the Enemy?

Traffic-building systems, apps, and consultants that promise to make magical things happen with SEO, ad-words, email blasts, affiliates, pagerank, pop-ups, redirects, etc.  The ones I have looked at all felt too complex, too expensive, too seedy, or too misleading to be of much use.

We’re at the starting line, we’re staying lean, we’ve got a problem and enemy identified.

So, with chapters 1, 2, and 3 of Getting Real under our belt (not the Rails Rumble belt, because I don’t have one) let’s move onto chapter 4 – Priorities and that chapter’s first essay, What’s the Big Idea?

What’s the Big Idea?

From the essay:

Explicitly define the one-point vision for your app.  What does your app stand for? What’s it really all about? Before you start designing or coding anything you need to know the purpose of your product — the vision. Think big. Why does it exist? What makes it different than other similar products?

I’ve put a bit of thought into this.  Here is what I have come up with.

What does my Rumble app stand for?  A: “When people like something, there should be an easy way for them to share it with others.”

This leads directly to the purpose of our new product. Purpose: “Easily reward your biggest fans for sharing your app with others.”

I want to do so in a way that is easy to use, clean, and most of all consistent with the general positive vibe of our other products.  When someone really likes an app it’s often because the app is enjoyable to use, is reliable, stays out of the way, and meets their needs.  Why should someone trudge through a system that is none of these things in order to be rewarded for sharing their excitement about an app that is all of these things?

The personality of our new app should be consistent with that of the apps I imagine leveraging it.

The Big Idea

So, the Big Idea is an easy-to-implement affiliate management app designed to help drive more traffic to your web app.  As of today, that app has a name.  Say hello to Affiliapp.

Affiliapp. Easily reward your biggest fans for recommending your app to others.

What will it do?

We’ll cover that in the next post when we work through Getting Real’s Chapter 5: Feature Selection.

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