Just Set the Right Goals

In his blog today, Derek Sivers pointed to a study called When Intentions Go Public: Does Social Reality Widen the Intention-Behavior Gap? From this and similar studies Derek concluded that "people who talk about their intentions are less likely to make them happen." Wray Herbert also offered similar advice in his Newsweek Mind Matters column. … Continue reading Just Set the Right Goals

Say Yes

I've challenged myself to say "yes" more often. I am defaulting to "yes" and rarely saying "no". Whether to personal or professional opportunities, I've come to realize that reasons I give myself for saying "no" are just excuses to stick with the status quo. Here's what seem like some reasonable reasons to say "no". * … Continue reading Say Yes

Book Review: Blog Blazers

Here's the book that has gotten me interested in blogging again. Just like a good blog, "Blog Blazers" is full of timely information written in a very readable format. The question and answer format is surprisingly effective and Stephane Grenier presents the expertise in a very practical, actionable, motivational, and entertaining format. Whether you read … Continue reading Book Review: Blog Blazers


There web and bookstore shelves are full of authors and advisors urging us to produce instead of plan, to do instead getting bogged down in deciding. Some urge readers to "Ready, Fire, Aim." In The Art of the Start, Guy Kawasaki says GET GOING. Start creating and delivering your product or service. Think soldering irons, … Continue reading Start