This week in PlaybookIQ

As we continue to improve our products we added two new features to our small business CRM software, PlaybookIQ this week. Message Templates A consistent company image and messages to customers and prospects is an important part of your customer relationship and marketing efforts. PlaybookIQ now supports this aspect with Message Templates. Use message templates … Continue reading This week in PlaybookIQ

37signals going rich?

Is 37signals jumping on the rich web site and rich applications bandwagon? With a wholesale redesign of their website in the works, and based on some recent 37signals blog “posts”: we can predict that rich product websites will be in the mix. This should not be surprising were it not for ….

Done with Simple

I am done with “simple”. I say that even considering previous posts here about the virtues of simplicity, my enjoyment of books such as The Laws of Simplicity and Simplexity, and my respect for companies such as 37signals and Google (two companies commonly included in case studies on software simplicity). The word “simple” has several … Continue reading Done with Simple