Monthly Archives: July 2007

Making of a Web App: Interlude – Importance of a Blog

In Startup Marketing: Big Bang vs. Darwinian Evolution, Dharmesh Shah highlights the importance of getting feedback early in a Darwinian evolution approach compared to the “stealth mode” approach with a big-bang launch. His insights are well stated and recommended reading to show the design and development of a new product should be accompanied by, or […]

Making of a Web App: Part 12 – Payment Processing

Most of the Making of a Web App series follows a typical path from idea to implementation. In that path, payment processing and subscription management is one of the last items to be implemented. There is no reason to do it now for PlaybookIQ except that we need subscription (i.e. automatic recurring payment) capability for […]

Purposefully Limit Subscriber Count: Could This Work?

In “The Innovator’s Dilemma”, _ says that one reason companies loose their leadership position to disruptive competitors is that the established companies base their product designs and strategies on the needs or current customers and existing markets. Disruptive competitors, meanwhile, don’t have long-standing relationships with existing customers upon which to base their decisions and are […]

Making of a Web App: Part 11 – Technical Interlude

For people with an interest in the technical side of the project, here are notes on the configuration of our development, test, and production environments. For those who couldn’t care less if PlaybookIQ is powered by mongrels or mice – don’t run away yet. Later this week, I will have the beginnings of actual product […]