Qualities of Great Software Design

What makes a great web application? From David Verba, Director of Technology, Adaptive Path: ”A successful product depends on the experience your users have and how well your product serves their needs.” ”Don’t try to be everything to everybody.” Selections from Robert Hoekman, Jr., interaction designer and usability specialist: ”It conforms to the way users […]

Making of a Web App: Sales Team Collaboration Software

It’s difficult to talk about web application design in this Making of a Web App series without first describing the application. Other designers have hidden their plans while sharing their process by offering vague design decisions and small, blurry screenshots. The results are less than satisfactory so in this series we’ll share the details of […]

Web Application Design: Focus

“The focus should not be on features, the focus should be on focus. An obvious application is a focused application. It is easy to explain to other people. It makes sense to those using it because the purpose of the tool is self-evident, and nothing in it strays from that purpose. Every feature supports the […]