Google Gears

Google Gears Google Gears javascript libraries transparently create and update a local database. Developers simply execute SQL against a local database. Google Gears’ database module takes care of prompting the user for permission, creating the database, and executing the SQL. Google Gears also provides a local server module to cache web content and then serve … Continue reading Google Gears


I have just returned from three days of RailsConf 2007 in Portlant, Oregon and wanted to share my overall impression of this very well-done event. There were four tracks, so no one could have attended all sessions. So, I won’t be sharing a play-by-play summary of each of the sessions. The guys over at … Continue reading RailsConf

Starbucks Everywhere

In most airports this space between the “up” and “down” escalators would be an unoccupied, dusty corner. Not here at Portland’s airport. btw I’m here for RailsConf 2007. Full reports on the next three days of geek-speak to follow.