Monthly Archives: April 2007

In Praise of Single-Tasking

37Signals’ blog made mention of a post about the counter-productivity of multi-tasking. Scott [Berkun] brings up the latest research that casts multi-tasking in a counter-productive light. He ultimately suggests that if we want to achieve greatness that we should pay attention to how the great people who came before us paid attention—by blocking distractions out […]

Business Decision: Customer Benefits of the SaaS Model

In the last entry I shared why Synap Software chose to produce hosted software solutions often referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS). One reason mentioned was benefit for subscribers. SaaS is really a win-win and an example of what I mean when I advise folks to consider marketing efforts from the very start […]

Market Your Benefits, Not Your Features

In a recent Duct Tape Marketing blog entry , John Jantsh shares that since creating an active and popular blog, he has stopped being asked to submit proposals and now is simply asked if he is available. That is the power of having an educated audience. He goes on to say ”So, what if you […]

Business Decision: Why Software as a Service

In The Business of Software, author and MIT professor Michael A. Cusumano identifies four main questions that a software company should answer when developing a target market product strategy. Asked from the perspective of the software company: Do you want to be mainly a products company or a services company? Do you want to sell […]

Claiming my technorati blog

Technorati Profile No need to click the above link – there is nothing interesting there. I finally took the two minutes it takes to claim my blog on Technorati. This post can be safely ignored. Creating a post with a link like above in it is one way to verify ownership of the blog. Here […]

The New Social Content Site for Business Geeks

There is a new social bookmarking website out. If you have not seen it yet, check out Dharmesh Shah’s Daily Hub. You might wonder – do we really need another social voting site? Dharmesh readily addresses this question here so I won’t repeat the whole background except to say Daily Hub is different, it is […]

Small Business CRM Directory

Here is a site for small business marketers and anyone responsible for customer relationship management to check out. is described by its founder, Perry Norgarb, as “Your Small Business CRM & Contact Management Software Resource Center”. There is a lot more content yet for me to look through before doing a full review, but […]