Small Business Marketing: Part 3 of a 3 Part Series

This is the last of a 3 part series on small business marketing. Part 1 listed three reasons that small business owners avoid marketing efforts. Part 2 listed three quick examples of why marketing is important. This final part lists 7 steps that small business owners can take to improve their marketing results. Ways To […]

Blogging and White Papers Are Not Free

Authoring white-papers, newsletters, and blog entries can certainly be effective marketing tools. To know just how effective you need to measure costs and resulting leads. But too often business owners forget to account for their own time. White Papers, E-Mail, and Webinars This month’s (March 2007) issue of Inc. magazine has an article called “Wooing […]

Technical Note: Basecamp Interaction, Not Integration

For you tech types – here’s a couple examples of technical interaction in place of integration. A user wanted to pull files from Basecamp, the 37Signals application, into their LeadsOnRails application as read-only background information for a salesperson talking with a client. 37Signals provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for just such interfaces. Yet retrieval […]

How to Add Digg-This Buttons to Your Typo Blog

Here is how I added Digg voting buttons to a Rails powered Typo blog. Digg buttons come in several types. You can build out a full-size Digg button, a compact sized one, or use your own image. I’m adding compact buttons. See here for details on Digg button html code and all the different options. […]

Are Tell-a-Friend Forms Evil Spam or a Convenience for Readers?

Activity from “Share this”, “tell a friend” and other social networking links is creating “vast quantities of complaints”, according to Tom Kulzer, CEO of AWeber, a provider of email newsletter delivery and auto-responder services. Tell-a-friend forms allow someone to send an email to another person via the web server of a third-party. For an example, […]

7 Reasons Blogs Do Not Have Digg Buttons and Why Your Blog Should

In his book Clear Blogging, Bob Walsh recommends making it easy for your blog readers to add your posts to social bookmarking sites like Digg. Why wouldn’t a blog have “Digg This” buttons? Here’s seven possible reasons along with recommendations to get past these objections and try it out. 1. I don’t even know what […]

Target Marketing with Google Trends

In an earlier post I talked about leveraging traditional marketing efforts, even when engaged in internet marketing activities. If you have an online company, traditional media can be used for awareness campaigns. Though many marketing principles are the same online as offline, traditional media (e.g. print, postcards, magazines) often has an added restriction of local […]