Secrets of Success

Every interview in Jessica Livingston’s Founders at Work is full of interesting perspectives from successful people who had no guarantees when they started and probably claim to have no secrets of success. This is not a “success” book or a “how to” book, but simply an interesting book. Yet a read between-the-lines exposes secrets of […]

Are Strange Search Results Worth Analysis?

Google’s Webmaster Tools I regularly do analysis on this blog’s top search phrases as reported on the Google Webmaster Tools “Top Search Queries” report for I look for patterns such as how much, if any, impact does the post title, post word count, frequency of search terms, outbound links, inbound links, and other items […]

Blog Entry SEO Checklist

_ Title uses common words. For example, I have Google rank #3 on “Capture Leads from a Website”. I wish I had written it as “Get Leads from my website” or something with more common wording. I would have been competing with 22 million results vs. just 9 milliong for “Capture Leads…”, but I would […]