Secrets of Success

Every interview in Jessica Livingston’s Founders at Work is full of interesting perspectives from successful people who had no guarantees when they started and probably claim to have no secrets of success. This is not a “success” book or a “how to” book, but simply an interesting book. Yet a read between-the-lines exposes secrets of … Continue reading Secrets of Success

Feedburner SmartFeed

We have several articles showing you how to use RSS and Digg and other tools to publicize your blog and to make it as easy as possible for people to find you – obviously and important part of your small business marketing plan. Here’s another quick tip. Use FeedBurner (you are using FeedBurner, right?) and … Continue reading Feedburner SmartFeed

Add This

If you have not yet checked out, take a look. Addthis is self-described as “Simple and recognizable widgets to help your visitors save and promote your website or blog to the social bookmarking and feed reader services!”. I would have just said that you can replace this: with this: When someone clicks the “Bookmark” … Continue reading Add This

Free Bingo Cards

Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day! Take a break from micro-isv, lead management, or small business marketing work this weekend and enjoy it. Looking for a new angle besides green beer? Check out Patrick McKenzie’s free trial of Bingo Card Creator for this and other occasions as well as his collection of ready made free bingo … Continue reading Free Bingo Cards