Inbound Links

Left-or-Right is a simple and fun site. You can recommend a topic and can get a link to your site. Note though that any inbound clicks you gain from it are probably not your target customers (unless you happen to be looking for tech savy, optimistic, retro, Firefox users). The results from are a […]

Buzzwords Bingo

Buzzwords and buzz-phrases are everywhere and our careers might depend on tracking the right ones. Here’s some wrong ones that, when put together form a read-made corporate strategy statement: “At the end of the day, a Gen-X, customer-centric, value-added paradigm which aligns our core competencies for synergy is a win-win!” – feel free to use […]


We are going through a branding change. To better reflect the benefits of the Synap Software lead management solution, it has been re-branded from LeadsOnTrack to LeadsOnRails. LeadsOnRails more clearly paints the picture of rail tracks, where LeadsOnTrack could mean any kind of tracks, or just “keeping track”. Tracks remain an integral part of the […]