Monthly Archives: February 2007

Import Leads (New Feature) users can now import contact and lead information from text files. We are finding that users are transitioning from other environments where they are either using Excel spreadsheets or using a tool that can export to Excel. This is a small enhancement that is a big help to users. More details are on the […]

You might think it is impossible to be two places at once, but I did it by occupying both the overkill and too basic segments of the market with exactly the same product.

LeadsOnRails has received a good number of positive comments from users. Yet we also received, within a few days of each other a couple of diametrically opposed comments. One person wrote on 37signals/svn that “is overkill for what we need” while another wrote in the Business Of Software forum that “ is just too […]

Competition is an Awesome Thing

The next time you wish your competitors weren’t always chasing you down, the next time you wish you had the market to yourself, the next time you despise those that jumped into the marketplace you discovered, the next time you wish you could just stop improving and rake in the cash: take a visit to […]

Putting the Log Back in Blog

If weblog conventions were developed today, they would probably be different than those that evolved from the first web logs, because so much of blogging has nothing to do with “logging”. This blog is that way. This is not so much a log of anything as a place to share ideas on business and technology. […]

Low Tech Local

In her popular blog EscapeFromCubicleNation , Pamela Slim recommended several things her readers can learn from media-darling and cooking- turned lifestyle expert Rachael Ray. One of those is ”to get national media, start local.” Here is one easy way to plug into the local business scene: subscribers to Business Journals’ free email receive daily updates […]

Find Your Name

Lately I have enjoyed sharing some recent and not-so-recent websites and tools that we have used in our business. Now that we have looked at a reputable place to register names for $2.95 (until 2/28), here are a couple places to help you find that million-dollar domain name. Just type two words into […]

Stake Your Claim with Copyright

Though all written works, including websites and computer programs, are automatically protected by copyright, authors should still register their works for increased protection. Benefits of registering include: 1. Registration provides an established public record of the copyright claim. 2. Registered copyright holders are prepared to file suit for infringement (registration is a prerequisite before a […]