Monthly Archives: January 2007

Lead Conversion

To improve your lead conversion rate, avoid these common mistakes 1. Not having a standardized procedure for processing leads. Without a standardized procedure, valuable leads can fall through the cracks. Having each lead on a track with a set protocol for developing the lead eliminates the loss of leads and profit. Standardized procedures also allows […]

RailsConf 2007

A big thank-you to Derek Sivers, President of CDBaby for sponsoring a RubyOnRails competition in which the top 20 contributors (from the start of the year) to the open source framework were awarded passes and lodging to RailsConf 2007. I took on this challenge when it was announced and learned a lot about Rails and […]

Capture Leads from a Website

LeadsOnRails can now integrate with a customer’s website and can automatically send emails. Integrate LeadsOnRails with your website to automatically capture information from prospective customers. Information filled out on your website will be automatically recorded in the system and the lead is automatically put on a track specified by a promotion code. (The promotion code […]

Get out and walk around

Get out and walk around Get out and walk around to: solve problems. Today I was stuck. I had a programming/design problem that seemed to only get more complex as I sat at my desk staring at the screen. Then, during a quick 5 minute walk with the dog, the solution just popped into my […]

Manage Leads automates lead management and lets you implement lead followup best practices to convert more leads and free your up more of your time. This system was born from discussions with small business owners who often spend a fortune on lead acquisition only lose the lead information or fail to effectively followup on it due […]