Monthly Archives: December 2006

Simplicity, not Simplistic: 1

Following up on his famous Ruby scaling debate, Joel Spolsky, takes another shot at 37signals and other propenents of simplicity saying that “you sell ‘simple’ as if it were this wonderful thing, when, coincidentally, it is the only thing you have the resources to produce.” Even if it were true (which I do not think […]

Track Leads

I like how the screens are coming together for our new lead tracking application, so I have put a montage of some of the main screens up on the product teaser website. Click here to see the product site Click here to log into the demo account. Please provide feedback!

New, Small Software Company – Best Practices

In 1978, Harvard Business School and MIT graduate Dan Bricklin joined Bob Frankston to create the world’s first computer spreadsheet program. I was looking through old magazines the other day and came across my July, 1989 issue of Inc. magazine featuring Mr. Bricklin on the cover with an interview inside in which Mr. Bricklin discussed […]