Monthly Archives: August 2006

Review: Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Repetitive stress injuries caused from long and continuous rounds or working at the computer can result in damage ranging from mild discomfort to extreme damage requiring surgery. If your career depends on your ability to be working with a computer almost every day you MUST take time now to get your posture right and your […]

Ruby Insider Offering Bounty to Ruby and Rails Bloggers

Interested in entering a random drawing for one-hundred-bucks? I don’t have any cash for you, but Ruby Insider folks might (actually – they don’t have cash for you either, only PayPal payments). Note that this is designed to encourage new material so is only for posts originally written between now and about August 19th. I […]

Lead and Campaign Management, Campaign Management, Lead Management

Track your prospects, leads, and marketing campaigns. Track your leads with It will be a new way to put your sales and marketing efforts on track. A “track” is simply a series of steps, each step assigned to a person and given a date due. Define your tracks and help everyone on the team […]